Looking East

Placing the spotlight on Southeast Asia: its people, economies, startups, and more

Women Empowerment

For economies to grow, the contribution of women is essential. We focus on how women entrepreneurs are rising to the challenge across Southeast Asia. 

Overcoming gender gap: Singaporean female entrepreneurs pummel their way through the ceiling

Singapore stands at the eighth rank for supporting HPWEs and is the eighth best city globally for women.

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Scaling the heights: Vietnamese female entrepreneurs to take note of

As Vietnam pushes towards greater economic development in the future, female business leaders such as the ones mentioned here will be at the forefront of this progress.

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Women entrepreneurs who have revolutionised the business landscape of Thailand

As Thailand grows to break the barriers of women in workspaces, these stalwarts can be taken as examples to emulate by every aspiring female entrepreneur

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Telecom Sector

Telecom has been the fulcrum of connectivity and with new players in the market, the telecom sector has become a major centre of attention. We look at how telecom players are ruling the market in Southeast Asia. 

Vietnam and its telecom sector: how the country answered the call for reform

The top telecommunication companies in the world have already established offices in Vietnam, and a majority of European and Asian companies have been in the country for at least four to five years. Global telecom players like 5BARz International are looking at the ‘unprecedented growth’ and ‘undeniable potential’ of Vietnam to expand their services there.

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The Pakistan telecom story: will the promise of growth hold?

akistan’s telecom industry is one of the most promising not only in Asia but in the world — but only in terms of growth

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Work Culture

Fixing a broken work culture: lessons from Singapore

According to a 2014 Working Hours Survey, conducted by recruitment firm Morgan McKinley, a majority of respondents claimed that the strain was becoming ‘intolerable’ to handle.

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