1Bridge is a social enterprise works on a unique business model that brings products and services to the doorstep of ‘Rurban’ consumers.

Basic Information

Founded in 2016, 1Bridge ensures last mile service delivery by connecting rural consumers to ruban (rural urban) retailers through an assisted commerce platform. 1Bridge’s services offers rural consumers a range of products from motorbikes to tractors, from smartphones to television sets, and insurance to loans. Operating on a pull model, 1Bridge first allows its grassroots associates to record the demands of rural customers. This is then followed by enquiries, generating quotes, sales etc., all recorded, monitored and processed through its mobile app. The process culminates with 1Bridge delivering the choicest of products to the doorstep of rural customers. 1Bridge has created a blockchain based model of generating trust scored based on their transactions with the 1BA and 1BA’s transactions with his/her set of consumers. Their model generates a score for a particular transaction fulfilled – based on certain “trust” criteria and thereby creating a TrustTree that grows with every transaction. See more

Legal Name


Ruban Bridge Pvt. Ltd



Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Founding Date



No. of Employees


21 to 40

Core Team


Madan Padaki

Founder and CEO


Chakrawarty M

Co Founder


Anil Kumar Ghildiyal

Co Founder and COO


Total Funding





KAAJ Ventures


C4D Partners