21Fools is an online store that sells paper bags, calendars made out of seed papers at affordable prices.

Basic Information

In 2014, from their workshop in Jaipur and Mumbai, 21Fools introduced ‘Beej Kapas’ - a paper that grows into a plant in India for the first time. Since then they have handcrafted over 2 million Beej-Kapas products that grew into millions of plants. Beej-Kapas Paper is loosely called Seed Paper/ Plantable paper. It is a handmade paper which grows into a plant when planted in the soil. Beej Kapas Paper is made from Pre-Consumed cotton material and is embedded with seeds. When the paper is planted in a pot of soil, the pre-consumed cotton material decomposes itself in the soil and the seeds start germinating. They have 15-20 varieties of Beej-Kapas/Plantable Paper. They make the Beej Kapas Paper product depending on factors such as climatic condition when the paper will be planted, in which region will the paper be used and the relevance of the seed to the customer/client. They procure the post-consumer material from factories which manufacture cotton clothes and then convert it into plantable paper. Hence, the paper is completely wood/tree free. See more

Legal Name


21Fools Design and Entertainment Pvt Ltd



Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Founding Date


18th Jul 2012

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Core Team


Divyanshu Asopa



Sachin Asopa

Chief Operating Officer