Accops helps organizations mitigate the risks involved with remote working and work from home users, enable enhanced workforce productivity, reduce the cost of IT operations, and provide round-the-clock service to their customers. See more

Basic Information

Accops is a company that enables secure and instant remote access to business applications from any device and network, ensuring compliant enterprise mobility for business users while keeping governance with the organization. Accops’ workspace virtualization, access gateway, and identity management solution suite help organizations to consolidate the distributed end-user application infrastructure and bring endpoint management to the datacentre, improving the overall network security and reducing IT operational costs. Accops provides options to choose from virtualization and Zero Trust-based remote access, offering the same product for deployment on-prem or on cloud available on perpetual as well as subscription-based license. Accops is a single-stop shop to build a simple and integrated workspace for business users, providing seamless access to modern web applications, SaaS applications, client-server applications, legacy applications, virtual applications, and virtual desktops. See more

Legal Name


Accops Systems Private Limited



Pune, Maharashtra, India

Business Model



Founding Date



No. of Employees


151 to 250

Core Team


Vijender Yadav

Co-Founder & CEO


Mohan Bhat

Co-Founder & MD

Oct | Company Incorporation
Accops was established in October 2012 and is headquartered in Pune, India.
Mar | Started Generating Revenue
Accops started generating revenue right off the bat in 2012.
Mar | Became Profitable
Accops became profitable in the 2013-14 session.

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Target Market


Regulated industries and industries with increased risk of data-theft like BFSI, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Government, BPO/KPO are target customers.

Client Segment


Aerospace & Defense, Manufacturing, Retail, Services

Target Companies


Startup, Small Enterprise, Medium Enterprise, Large Enterprise