Acuration is a one-stop application for entrepreneurship & startup enthusiasts. We are mainly building a Networking Platform along with exclusive needful features & tools, making our product more valuable than just a networking platform. See more

Basic Information

Acuration is a B2B & B2C company. Their application serves the needs of individuals like aspiring entrepreneurs and new founder & help startups at all stages and other companies grow their businesses. To create value & help their users and customers, they have exclusive features & tools such as "Startup guide," "Employment zone," "Competitor Analysis," and "Information zone," in addition to the networking platform that connects the startup ecosystem. See more

Legal Name


Acuration Private Limited



Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Business Model





Founding Date



No. of Employees



Core Team


Sri Aditya Challa


Dec | Company Incorporation
Acuration has been registered as a Private Limited Company
| Product Launch
We have launched our basic MVP.

Target Market


Passionate aspiring entrepreneurs & new founders who are excited about their ideas but lack guidance, have lots of confusion & questions from how to validate ideas to establishing & running a startup.

User Age


18 to 25, 26 to 34, 35 to 45

User Income


Lower Income, Lower-middle Income, Upper-middle Income, High Income


> Aspiring entrepreneurs and solo founders who need detailed guidance and help from idea validation to running a company. > Early-stage startups with their MVP in the market want to reach out to more customers and investors and analyze the market and competitors. > Startups that want to hire suitable candidates and candidates interested in working at startups. > Universities and colleges with entrepreneurship in their curriculum want to enhance their student's classroom teachings & help their students in their entrepreneurial journey. We have a unique model designed for educational institutions. > Any entity advertising on our application has startups/entrepreneurs/aspiring entrepreneurs as their target customers/users.

Client Segment


AgriTech, SaaS, Software, Community

Target Companies


Startup, Small Enterprise, Medium Enterprise