Aikaan Labs is facilitating application orchestration and device management for IoT edge solutions and applications.

Basic Information

Bengaluru, Karnataka based are developing an edge computing platform and helping their customers to move the application to the edge close to the source of data generation. They are bringing in AI to operations of edge computing applications and sites. They are also making edge applications and sites more Reliable, Scalable and Manageable. At AiKaan, they are realizing a vision to solve Monitoring, Controlling, Provisioning and Debugging of large scale IoT Edge deployments. They have built a software controller for smart cities, smart transportation, smart parking, smart vehicles, industrial IoT and more. Their flagship product - AiKaan Controller (AiCon) continuously monitors the health of the system and network to provide with a comprehensive view of the health of your IoT deployments. Their proactive monitoring algorithms can identify and learn the normal operating conditions of your systems (infrastructure) and notify failures/anomalies. Their software Agent (AiAgent) residing on the device sends more than 70 parameters to the controller (AiCon). AiCon continuously scans the data and maps them to unexpected events in the device to conclusively point out the reason for failures. With this analysis, it becomes a lot easier to find out the reason for issues like missing data, unexpected latency, application crashes and many more such issues. See more

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Aikaan Labs Private Limited



Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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Chetan Kumar S

Co-Founder & CEO


Pronoy Debnath

Co-Founder & CTO


Siddharth Munot

Co-Founder & CDO


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NetApp Excellerator


Axilor Ventures