AnaBio Technologies is a specialist microencapsulation company based in Cork, Ireland.

Basic Information

AnaBio is focused on improving the functionality of ingredients for food, beverages, sports nutrition, medical and animal feed companies. Being a B2B company they collaborate with clients to design, develop, and produce ingredients that enable our customers to deliver innovative, scientifically robust, products with proven benefits to the consumer. Microencapsulation involves coating sensitive functional ingredients with a microscopic layer that masks unpleasant tastes, improves dispersion and bioavailability, and protects against a wide range of environmental conditions including heat, moisture, and oxygen. This allows food and beverage manufacturers to ensure their products deliver real health benefits to consumers, taste great, and enables them to create new to the world consumer products. They collaborate with their clients through contract research, commercial supply of microencapsulated ingredients, and licensing of their patented technology. See more

Legal Name


AnaBio Technologies Ltd.



Cork, Cork, Ireland

Founding Date


1st Jun 2011

No. of Employees


41 to 60

Core Team


Jens Bleiel

Co-Founder & Executive Director


Sinéad Bleiel