Pune-based Anatomech offers healthcare wearable technology to aid human mobility that may be compromised while performing strenuous physical activities, post-injury, or surgery.

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Anatomech was founded in March 2020. In January 2021, Anatomech started developing a smart, portable, daily wear, compression sleeve for 10 -12 hours of continuous lymphatic drainage that allows the user to carry on with their daily routine, reducing their dependence on caregivers. It also conceals well within their regular garments to avoid social stigma. Anatomech offers two products under its brand KUE. Mild graduated compression socks were launched in August this year with 6 SKUs available for purchase on its brand website - kues. In, Amazon, and Flipkart. Graduated Compression socks work by gently pushing blood flow up the leg, helping to prevent leg oedema (swelling and pain). The product is lab tested for 18-21 mmHg medical-grade compression. The Lymphedema Compression Sleeve is under development and will be ready for patient validation studies by late 2022. The patent-pending technology helps reduce the size and weight of the compression wearable by 85 percent, allowing the user a healthy lymphatic system and productive use of their time lost in therapy. See more

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Pune, Maharashtra, India

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Divyakshi Kaushik