Aris BioEnergy provides renewable solutions and helps generate biodiesel from used cooking oil.

Basic Information

Aris BioEnergy was founded in 2018 after the founders sensed the pressing need to reduce the extreme dependence on crude oil. Three years of intense focus has enabled us to collect over 15+ lakh kgs of used cooking Oil from Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa & Telangana . #HarGharHealthy initiative by ARIS BioEnergy is introduced with the sole aim to initiate a conversation about healthy living, safeguarding one’s health, and at the same time create a positive impact on the environment. The company collects used cooking oil and provides it to biodiesel refineries listed under the RUCO project. See more

Legal Name


ArisBioEnergy Pvt. Ltd



Mumbai, Maharashtra , India

Business Model



Founding Date



No. of Employees


101 to 150

Core Team


Umesh Waghdhare

Founder & Managing Director


Dhananjay Kabre