Livelihood creation in Rural BPO model since ten years.

Basic Information

B2R (Business-To-Rural) is a for-profit social enterprise which sets up and operates rural Business Process Management (BPM) centers in Uttarakhand, India, with the aim to deliver business value together with social value. In operation for nearly four years, they currently have six delivery centers of 50 to 75 seat capacity each and a team of close to 300 rural youth spread across these six locations, 58% of whom are women. Their vision is to create employment for 6000 rural youth over the next 5 years spread across the region. With a core team well-experienced in the operation of domestically and internationally outsourced business processes, they currently focus their energies on some key verticals – Publishing, Legal, and Financial Services. They also focus on Data/Content Mining, Consolidation and Management services across various industry verticals. B2R has been recognized both nationally and internationally for its unique sustainable business model – including by NASSCOM in India, and by Harvard Business School, where they was invited to address the Social Enterprise Conference. See more

Legal Name


B2R Technologies Pvt Ltd



New Delhi, Delhi, India

Founding Date



No. of Employees


251 to 500

Core Team


Dhiraj Dolwani

Co-Founder and CEO


Neeraj Logani

Senior Vice President