Kochi-based Bagmo’s device monitors the temperature of blood bags, and aims to reduce wastage and improve logistics.

Basic Information

Founded in March 2017 by IIT-Madras alumnus Ashfaq Ashraf and his friends, Anas Dalinatakam and Arshad KA, Bagmo has developed a blood bag monitoring device: Bagmo. The device monitors the temperature of blood bags during transportation and storage. The B2B company aims to reduce wastage at blood storage centres, and improve logistics and communication issues. A radio-frequency identification (RFID) card is attached to each of these bags. Before the bag is placed into the mother bank or refrigerator, the RFID is scanned using the Bagmo device. The cloud stores the unique ID and the refrigerator that stores the bag. Next time, whenever there is a requirement for blood, all the hospital or user has to do is enter the details in the cloud. Bagmo, or the 'Blood bAG MOnitoring' device, will alert the user about which bag is fit for use and in which refrigerator it has been stored. In 2017, the company received Rs 47 lakh funds from BIRAC, under the biotech ignition grant, and started working on the concept. See more

Legal Name


Bagmo Pvt Ltd



Kalamassery, Kerala, India

Founding Date



No. of Employees


21 to 40

Core Team


Ashfaq Ashraf



Anas Dalinatakam

Co Founder