BecauseYOU offers a collaborative, organised, holistic approach to mental health.

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BecauseYOU is a mental health social enterprise that supports individuals and organisations to thrive in an evolving world. They offer group programs and workshops through a holistic mental health approach. They believe in a wholeness approach to mental health - where a person goes on a journey of self-discovery at their own gentle pace. For individuals, BecauseYOU offers a customised approach to individuals based on where they are on their mental health journey. It creates affordable tailored programmes, workshops, and community events. The outcomes of these programmes vary from deepening self-awareness to learning from a peer network, learning new coping mechanisms, to taking care of your mental health. On the B2B side, BecauseYOU creates a sensitive culture towards mental health within an organisation and works with first responders to help them heal and deal with loss amidst COVID-19. This includes creating a culture of psychological safety, managing high-stress situations, and self-care for employees. See more

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Mumbai, Maharashtra , India

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Daniel Lobo

Founder and CEO