Bellatrix Aerospace is a R&D company specialising in the developmentof In-space propulsion systems and Orbital Launch vehicles.

Basic Information

Established in 2015, Bellatrix Aerospace is a private Indian aerospace manufacturer and smallsat launcher headquartered in Bangalore. The company is developing Chetak, a nano-satellite launch vehicle. Chetak is a two stage vehicle, where the first stage is designed for reuse. Both the stages of Chetak will use liquid methane as fuel and features an all-carbon composite construction. It is designed to be capable of launching multiple satellites in the same launch mission and placing satellites in equatorial, inclined as well as polar orbits. Bellatrix promises minimum wait periods of less than 1 month on Chetak. The company has also developed and patented Microwave Electro-thermal Thrusters (MET) an advanced type of electric propulsion for satellites. See more

Legal Name


Bellatrix Aerospace (India) Private Limited



Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Founding Date



No. of Employees


41 to 60

Core Team


Rohan M Ganapathy

Founder, CEO & CTO


Yashas Karanam

Co-Founder, Director & COO


Total Funding





Deepika Padukone


StartupXseed Ventures


IDFC Parampara

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