BICS enables the global connectivity of people, applications and things wherever they are.

Basic Information

BICS works at the heart of the communications ecosystem, bridging telecommunications services, and the needs of enterprises. They deliver optimized performance across all geographies, thanks to our owned global network, and unmatched relationships with operators. Their headquarters are in Brussels, Belgium, and they have a global presence in 20 locations around the world. BICS owns and operates a high capacity MPLS enabled global network based on a wholly owned and operated 100Gbit/s capable DWDM network in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg, UK and Belgium augmented with leased capacity and submarine cable assets to serve the global footprint. BICS routes voice and data communications across the different networks on an international scale. The voice and mobile data products and services are part of the Mosaic product portfolio. The company is evangelist of developments in new telecommunication technologies as 4G, IP, Wi-Fi, etc. See more

Legal Name


Belgacom International Carrier Services SA/NV



Brussels, Brussels, Belgium

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Core Team


Matteo Gatta

Chief Executive Officer