Bidgely unlocks the power of data and AI to be indispensable innovation partner for the modern energy provider.

Basic Information

Bidgely offers artificial intelligence (AI)-based solutions to electricity distribution companies to enable them to serve their customers better as well as modernise their grid operations. Working with a leading private Indian electricity distribution company (Discom), Bidgely has demonstrated the acute ability to detect non-technical losses through disaggregated smart meter data. Bidgely is targeting multiple use cases, including AI-based short-term load forecasting, analytics-based customer indexing and asset predictive maintenance to solve multiple challenges for Discoms. Bidgely pioneered load disaggregation, holds 17 patents for its technology and partners with nearly 40 global utilities and energy retailers to glean valuable customer energy insights, using data from smart meters already installed in the home. It processes more than two billion energy data points a day. See more

Legal Name


Bidgely, Inc



Mountain View, California, United States of America

Founding Date



No. of Employees


151 to 250

Core Team


Abhay Gupta

Founder & CEO





IvyCap Ventures


Moore Strategic Ventures