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Kolkata, West Bengal based Bioxone Biosciences is a Startup India recognized venture which provides a one-stop platform for all Biotechnology lovers and learners. It cultures the best of articles coming from the enthusiastic and unconventional minds of the budding scientists and biologists growing under the proper nourishment provided in the Petri plate of DNA-Tales. The Biotech-Today, their weekly news feed, keep their users updated with the latest ongoings all around the world. To cope with their users’ stress, relax the neurons and the support cells; a section of facts and myths are up their sleeves, where lysing the latter will be their task. A special wing Signalling-Pathway shall help all to boost their careers with the latest updates on examinations, internships, and jobs in the field of Biotechnology. They will also be coming up with weekly special articles directly from the proficient minds of the Biotech-world. See more

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Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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Sanket Roy

Founder and Director

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