Black Coffee Robotics provides Development & Consulting services.

Basic Information

Black Coffee Robotics provides specialized consultancy and development services to robotics businesses on all aspects of software development. They have years of proven research and engineering experience in self-driving mobile robots, forklifts, carry-trucks, lawn mowers, boats and drones. Through an iterative development curve, they have developed proprietary motion-planning and control algorithms. They provide standard ROS/ROS2 interfaces that can be integrated with your stack with minimal effort. Their software provides fast motion planning, smooth follow able paths and repeatability for operation in factory floors, warehouses, retail complexes, farms, and several off-road applications. Their services include Bespoke Robotics Development, ROS / ROS2 Software Engineering, Architecture Design & Consultancy and Custom planners and controllers See more

Legal Name


Black Coffee Robotics LLP



Hyderabad, Telangana, India

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Core Team


Zubin Priyansh


Apr | Company Incorporation
We had been planning and working apriori, but this was the official seal - right at the cusp of new financial year.
May | Started Generating Revenue
We locked in our first client and got an advance payment.
Apr | Key Customer Milestone
We acquired our first customer outside of India, we having supporting their development since.

Revenue Streams

Target Market


Businesses in the domain of autonomous robotics across the globe.

Client Segment


Automotive, DeepTech, Hardware, Robotics

Target Companies


Startup, Small Enterprise

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