Blitzllama is a toolbox to collect and analyze in-app user feedback

Basic Information

Launched in 2021 by Joel Koshy, Rahul Mallapur, and Bently Nixon, Blitzllama is a platform for product teams to collect and analyse user feedback inside mobile apps and websites in real-time. With only a simple SDK integration, teams can ask questions to their users within product journeys and get highly contextual answers in minutes. This empowers product teams to ship products that address users' real problems that increase user retention, engagement and reduce churn. See more

Legal Name


Blitzllama Labs Inc.



Delaware, Ohio, United States

Business Model



Founding Date


15th Aug 2021

No. of Employees



Core Team


Bently Nixon

Co-Founder and CTO


Joel John Koshy



Rahul Mallapur

Co-Founder and CEO