Bloombrain Learning Solutions works on developing communications skills and persona to improve the overall intellect of our Learners.

Basic Information

Being a global educational platform and the best online CBSE coaching, Bloombrain inspires a lifetime of learning and discovery with its free, fun educational program for all students of classes 1st-9th. Through our online tuition classes, your children can explore the immersive world of Bloombrain in their own way – by following the progressive Step-by-Step Learning Path or by delving deep into the topics or activities that inspire them. To make it easier for students to grasp knowledge in the online live classes, teachers create interactive lessons and collaborative spaces for their virtual classroom with real-time tools. These are interactive visual communication tools which are used to create presentations, interactive images, infographics, and more. See more

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Bloombrain Learning Solutions



Delhi, Delhi, India

Business Model



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No. of Employees


41 to 60

Core Team


Shahrukh Usmani

Founder & CEO