Briota offers personalised programs for Asthma and Covid19 patients under the supervision of a Pulmonologo.

Basic Information

Pune, Maharashtra based BRIOTA Technologies is a digital health and wellness company committed to innovating tech solutions for remote care, diagnostics and management for chronic respiratory conditions. With a range of cutting-edge tech solutions tailored to both patients and doctors, they seek to simplify the treatment and monitoring of conditions like Asthma and COPD, by making them accessible and affordable to all. Their intuitive solutions arm patients and caregivers around the world with accurate real-time data right at home, allowing more informed decisions, sharper analysis and better adherence to medication schedules. Their AI first approach aims to simplify the diagnostics and lifecycle management of Chronic Respiratory Ailments in a post Covid-19 world. Their Offerings: SpiroPro - An intuitive and point of care digital spirometer with personalized machine learning powered diagnosis outcomes; NEHA - Virtual Assistant for training, guiding and aligning user for accurate diagnosis practices including smart spirometry and clinical examination; AsthmaPRO - Patient centric solution for building compliance towards medication adherence and behavioral modifications which will lead to positive habits & healthy life; Sia - A virtual assistant driven by swift interaction with user connecting both SpiroPRO and AsthmaPRO systems fueled by NLP,ML & AI tools. See more

Legal Name


Briota Technologies Private Limited



Pune, Maharashtra, India

Business Model





Founding Date


16th Feb 2018

No. of Employees


11 to 20

Core Team


Gajanan Sakhare



Shardul Joshi



Aditi Samudra Pais

Chief Executive Officer

Revenue Streams