" Bulletproof Your Startup" workshops enable Startups to become successful by following a business frameworks driven structured business evolution process.

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"Bulletproof Your Startup"​ framework is based on a simple principle. Given that more than 95% startups close down within 3 years of starting despite the fact that most of the founders are smart, hard working, tech savvy, have industry veterans as mentors and some of them are well funded, it stands to reason that they are facing a systemic rather than a startup specific challenge. Startups are failing as businesses despite very mature and proven business frameworks that work for conventional businesses existing. By leveraging existing business frameworks adapted for startups to help cross the "5 Chasms"​ that have proven as points of failure for startups. We have adapted these frameworks based on our experience of working with SME and made them an integral part of a business evolution coaching process for startups. See more

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