CityCash is a fintech startup based out of Mumbai.

Basic Information

CityCash is focused on fabricating a transit led micro-payments ecosystem. Founded in 2017 by Vineet Toshniwal, CityCash offers a multi-purpose NFC-based smart card that can be used to transact in an offline mode in transit and retail. It was started with an initiative to make India 'Less Cash’ and offer digital payments for everyone. It operates both online and offline payment technologies focused on the undeserved space of high volume, low value payments. It solves micropayments through Economic NFC POS, CityPoints Packages, Offline Payments, NFC Cards, Zero MDR and Vast Network. See more

Legal Name


Tap Smart Data Information Services Pvt. Ltd.



Mumbai, Maharashtra , India

Founding Date



No. of Employees


21 to 40

Core Team


Vineet Toshniwal

Co-Founder & CEO


Total Funding





Orios Venture Partners


Fino Paytech