Cloudatomy offers an online 3D anatomy learning platform that provides students with remote access to learn anatomy, virtually dissect and explore real human anatomy.

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Cloudatomy provides a range of 3D anatomy learning methods to facilitate an enriching experience. Their digital anatomy lab highlights the advantages of visualization and intuition of the digital human body in anatomy teaching while facilitating the traditional cadaver dissection. The contrast and integration of the AR/VR technology achieve more ideal teaching effects. Their courses are integrated with an online learning platform that quickly delivers results, ensuring the students to have the necessary resources to succeed in their anatomy courses in a very cost-effective manner. Their solutions are integrated with proprietary software system for orthopaedic medical imaging applications and are powered by the most recognized global orthopaedic planning 3D software for hip, knee, shoulder, long leg or spine surgeries that helps to ensure a high level of planning and operational quality. See more

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Gurugram, Haryana, India

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Vipin Chopra

Founder & Director