Pune based CrisisCode has designed a unique sticker which acts as a Medical ID and provides information of the rider without breaching privacy during times of emergency for riders or when the rider is unconscious or unable to provide relevant information during the event of an accident or other similar mishap. See more

Basic Information

CrisisCode produces a one of a kind sticker which is a Medical ID sticker in an emergency situation while a rider is riding his vehicle and if his phone or wallet is missing or if he is unconscious. So if anyone wants to know about him or want to contact his family then they just need to scan the CrisisCode sticker through any mobile scanner app such as CamScanner, Paytm etc. This will enable the person to access relevant emergency information through this sticker without internet connectivity. CrisisCode maintains the privacy of rider’s personal information. For women riders the name and other personal biodata isn’t shown but instead the user can provide her friend or guardian information which will be displayed when her Crisiscode Sticker is scanned along with her birth year, blood group, medical insurance and health issue description. See more



Pune, Maharashtra, India

Business Model





Founding Date


Oct 2018

Core Team


Deepak Gaikwad

Apr | Company Incorporation
We incorporated CrisisCode under our Parent company Beast Mode Lifestyle LLP
Apr | Founding Team Hired
We added our IT person Arman Verma who developed and designed e-commerce website
Oct | Product Launch
We launched our first version of CrisisCode and introduced Emergency medical ID into Indian Market which is one of its kind

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Target Market


Daily commuters, Biker Riders, Travellers who need medical ID in emergency

User Age


Less than 18, 35 to 45, 18 to 25, More than 60, 26 to 34, 46 to 60

User Income


High Income, Lower Income, Upper-middle Income, Lower-middle Income