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Vadodara, Gujarat based Ctunes is an Innovative Calling Tune Application. Ctunes is a novel and innovative Calling Tune application, to communicate the recipient of the call via personalized and customized messages all over the world. Their Salient Features: Individual & Personalized Calling Tunes - The calling party can decide what the called party would be able to listen or see on their mobile phone; Intent Based Calling - The app tells the called party why someone is calling, so they can decide if they want to or need to pick up the call; Group Calling Tune - Allows you to create a group for friends, family and loved ones conveniently; Social Media Posts As Calling Tunes - Use your Facebook or Instagram posts as your group Ctune and My Ctunes; MyCtunes – Category, Custom - The MyCtunes feature helps users customize every outgoing and incoming call screen with beautiful picture; Voice & Video Mail - This feature relieves users from the pain of remembering to call a person who has not answered their calls by leaving them a voice or video mail; Manage Calls - Users on the Ctunes platform can manage all their incoming calls with Manage Call functionality with complete customization; Incoming Call Screen: Customize Your Incoming Calling Call Screen - Ability to select multiple OEM's Call answering screen i.e. Google, iPhone, Asus etc; Content Platform - Users have access to creative content created by its users on the Content platform. See more

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I-Cube Access Global Pvt. Ltd.



Vadodara, Gujarat, India

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Kaushal P Patel

Founder and CEO