CyborgIntell is a next generation AutoML company that delivers AI based predictions that are fast, accurate, explainable & scale-able.

Basic Information

"Bengaluru, Karnataka based CyborgIntell is an AI & Machine Learning product company. Their next generation Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) platform self-learns, mines, predicts and scores events in real time. Built by data science industry veterans, their core strengths come with data science rigor and expertise in our business verticals. Their AutoML platform augments data science team's capability manifold, enabling them to be faster, consistent, accurate and focused on solving business problems rather than coding. At CyborgIntell, their team take data and produce accurate predictions to generate business value. Lightning-fast predictions empower decision making and development of actionable strategies that improve every aspect of businesses. Their salient features: Immediate Insights for Rapid Decision Making, Highly Accurate Predictions, Explainable Results businesses can Understand and Convert Predictions into Real Time Actions. Their solutions are applicable to following domains: Banking and finance, Retail Healthcare, Business executives, Data scientists and IT Professionals. Their mission is to empower business users, data scientists, analysts, technologists and citizen data scientists with AutoAI and machine learning. They are revolutionising the AI and ML industry with their market-leading technologies. iTuring AutoAI not only saves time and money, but also opens up a world of possibility for growth, enhancing business processes and refining business strategies. " See more

Legal Name


CyborgIntell Private Limited



Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Founding Date



No. of Employees


11 to 20

Core Team


Suman Kumar Singh

Founder & CEO


Amit Kumar

Co-Founder & VP of Product Engineering


Mohammed Nawas

Co-Founder & VP of Product Development

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