CyGenica is an Indo-Irish biotech startup developing world’s first molecular nanomachine for in-vitro and in-vivo delivery solutions for drugs and genetic therapies.

Basic Information

CyGenica’s disruptive technology addresses the problem of delivering large-molecule therapeutics into living cells without damaging them or triggering an adverse immune response. CyGenica intends to utilize the investment to accelerate the development of its disruptive drug delivery technology for genome editing, seeking to be a key partner of biopharmaceutical companies in the advancement of cutting-edge therapeutics for cancer and rare diseases to improve patient’s health and quality of life. Their groundbreaking technology functions like a universal USB drive. It acts as a nanomachine which can deliver multitudes of cargoes carrying molecular information such as drugs and genetic therapeutics in an efficient, targeted manner without any toxicity and minimum immunogenicity. This will revolutionize drug delivery and lead to better patient outcomes. See more

Legal Name


CyGenica Pvt Ltd



Pune, Maharashtra, India

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Core Team


Nusrat Jahan M. Sanghamitra

Founder and CEO


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