Dammee is a platform that was built to support the cottage industries of Darjeelling and Kalimpong by selling their goods directly to lovers and supporters of the same.

Basic Information

Kurseong-based Dammee’s focus lies on the cottage industries of the region. They buy them straight from the manufacturer and bring it to our warehouse where it goes through a strict quality check. And then they pack and ship all over India. Apart from the products, their packaging is one of their most appreciated facets. They are offering a whole range of products from the hills, from food to prayer objects to decor, a little of Nepali cultural wear among others. They offer a wide variety of food items - from dallay (the famous round chilly) to Chinese sausage (lap cheong) to gundruk to smoked pork to dry beef to mutton pickle to axone (kinema) to chhurpi cheese, thukpa and glass noodles. They source the products primarily from Kalimpong, Darjeeling and Kurseong but ship them across India. See more



Kurseong, West Bengal, India

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Snjog Datta