Definite is a tech-enabled platform that provides easy access, transparency, and asset management to exclusively selected rent yielding commercial real estate asset.

Basic Information

Founded by Varun Mohan, Definite is a prop-tech for fractional ownership in commercial real estate. Definite has built a platform designed to provide easy access to institutional quality investments. The startup is a data enabled, fully online platform for fractional ownership in premium commercial real estate. With Definite, one can invest in a low cost, diversified portfolio of Institutional quality real estate. The lease of the asset is for seven years with a lock-in period of five years. The rent of the asset is Rs 71.8 per sq ft per month with an escalation of 15 percent in the rent after every three years. The company claims that the asset provides an average rental yield of 9.80 percent for a period of seven years to regular investors and 9.94 percent for early investors. See more



New Delhi, Delhi, India

Founding Date



No. of Employees


41 to 60

Core Team


Varun Mohan

Founder & CEO