DesignUp is a growing community of designers and product creators working with tech, across diverse industries, schools and non-profits.

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DesignUp is an open, ongoing conversation around the theory and practice of design in tech encompassing emerging tech, evolving methodologies, paradoxes and paradigms. DesignUp is also Asia's premier conference for DesignInTech, and a series of diverse events bringing practitioners, leaders and learners together, fusing insights from East & West. DesignUp 2019 called itself a ‘festival’, complete with studio tours, workshops and masterclasses. Speakers are now selected through a mix of submissions and invitations. The call for proposals opens almost six months before the conference. The overarching theme remains unchanged: ‘Design and Technology for Better Human Experiences’. Each year, however, separate tracks are defined, like ‘Designing for Participation and Inclusion’ in 2018 and ‘Design and Data’ in 2019. See more

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Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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