Kissan Dharambir is the startup that has developed a portable machine that can be used to process various fruits, herbs and seeds.

Basic Information

The ‘Multi Purpose Processing’ machine, manufactured by Kissan Dharambir, is a portable machine, which works on a single phase motor and is useful in processing of various fruits, herbs and seeds. It also works as big pressure cooker with temperature control and auto cut-off facility. It also offers condensation mechanism, which helps in extraction of essence and extracts from flowers and medicinal plants. The machine is a cylindrical container made of food grade stainless steel having an opening (with lid) at the top to feed the herbs and an outlet at the bottom to collect the residue. The machine is unique because it has the capacity to process a wide variety of products without breaking the seeds of the fruit or vegetable. This machine can be used for processing Aloe vera (making juice, hair gel, face wash, shampoo, hand wash, extract, powder), mango, (chutney, jam), amla (juice, powder, extract, hair oil, candy, sweets laddoo), tulsi, aswagandha, satavar, herbs (juice, extracts), flowers like rose, chameli, lavender etc. (extract and essence). See more

Legal Name


Dharambir Food Processing Technologies Private Limited



Yamuna Nagar, Haryana, India

Founding Date



No. of Employees


11 to 20

Core Team


Prince Kamboj

Managing Director


Kissan Dharambir

Founder & Owner