E-Feed is empowering aqua, poultry and cattle farmers with quality and localised nutrition.

Basic Information

E-Feed is a direct to farmer company disrupting 25 billion USD Indian animal feed industry. They go to the source of animal based products and work closely with the farmers to improve the quality of animal products and bring traceability in the animal nutrition so that next time people consume any animal based product they know what and where their nutrition came from. They help the farmers with nutrition advisory so that they can localize nutrition for their animal species and achieve better growth and quality of the animal hence giving them better harvest and income. They not only help the farmer optimise his/her input cost but also help them to increase their overall productivity. E-Feed are backed by some of the best institutional venture capitals and angels from the industry. See more



Pune, Maharashtra, India

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Kumar Ranjan



Ravi Chauhan

Co-founder & COO