The world's fastest analytics engine. Improve price-performance by 200x without any changes to your data platform.

Basic Information

At e6data ( they’re building the world’s fastest open architecture analytics query engine. They’re doing this by fundamentally rethinking how distributed SQL query engines are built, resulting in performance improvements of 35 - 200x over other analytics engines in the market. This results in billions of dollars of value unlocked across faster analytics, savings on compute infrastructure, and a wide array of new use cases. Their vision is for e6data to power every analytical workload in the world. Their core team has 100+ years of combined experience and 10+ patents across diverse yet complementary disciplines like real-time databases, time-series databases, SQL OLAP engines, distributed computing platforms, stream processing, and log analytics. Two of the founding team are second-time founders with past exits. They’re all super proud to be building a deep tech product with impacting a multi-billion dollar market from right here in India! See more

Legal Name


UniPhi Inc



San Francisco, California, United States

Founding Date



No. of Employees


21 to 40

Core Team


Adishesh Kishore

Co-Founder and Head Of Engineering


Aaquib Javed Khan

Co-Founder and Head of Product & Delivery


Srinath Prabhu

Co-Founder and Head of Devops

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