Ethik is a leather free fashion label for men based in Bengaluru.

Basic Information

Ethik is India's first premium non-leather fashion brand for men. Their aim is to replace leather with sustainable alternatives by making and selling premium quality leather-free products. Ethik was one of the earliest Indian brands to build & promote non-leather fashion in a systematic & organized manner (Since 2013). The experience & insights they have gathered over the last 10 years help them make the right material selections & product curation. What makes them unique They use high-quality materials and manufacturing to ensure all products are not just superior non-leather products but also can compete with leather products which is being used since time immemorial. They also use complete eco-friendly materials to make wallets. The brand also prides in: 1 - Retail Presence 2 - Global expansion. 3 - Leadership in Indian Vegan Footwear Market. 4 - Country & currency wise e-commerce website. 5 - New product categories & vertical expansions. See more

Legal Name


Knoskin Fashions Private Limited



Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Business Model



Founding Date



No. of Employees



Core Team


Pankaj Khabiya

Founder & MD


Bharat Ranka