Factors.ai enables agile data-driven decisions with automated analytics to measure all marketing and sales activities under one unified platform.

Basic Information

Factors.AI empowers B2B Marketing teams to make sense of their diverse customer data and make smarter, faster decisions. With Factors, Marketers can say goodbye to data aggregation, manual analysis and spreadsheet errors, letting its AI uncover root causes and highlight anomalies for immediate action. It goes beyond plain analytics. By employing key automations using the latest innovations in machine-learning, Factors.AI delivers impactful and actionable insights to marketers. It acts as conduits that instills marketers with the freedom to focus on decision-making. The platform believes that Marketers should not need advanced statistics knowledge to make sense of customer data and not be dependent on specialised analysts and data science resources. Making sense of marketing data should be as easy as doing research on Google or purchasing something on Amazon. See more



Delaware, Ohio, United States

Business Model



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No. of Employees


41 to 60

Core Team


Praveen Das



Aravind Murthy

Founder & CTO


Srikrishna Swaminathan

Co-Founder & CEO