S2 Organic Foods India is an FMCG cloud-based start-up company with a Brand Named Five Element Food from Heaven, dealing with certified organic produce, with a mission to provide natural and organic products that are free from all harmful chemicals. See more

Basic Information

All their products are sourced directly from farmers who have a passion for cultivating traditional crops through age-old organic methods. They have developed this company as a cloud grocery store so that the prices in between such as store maintenance, dealer margins, and so forth are completely removed such that to benefit the consumers. The testimony to their processing, packing, and quality of their product is their accreditation from Ecocert for National Programme of Organic Production (NPOP), National Organic Program (NOP) and European Union (EU). These certifications are awarded based on the results of rigorous test, inspections and audits. In order to protect the environment and a step towards their mission they have initiated a moment called “back to roots”. The main objective of this movement is to support farmers who have a passion for cultivating traditional crops through age old organic methods. See more

Legal Name


S2 Organic Foods India



Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Business Model




Founding Date



No. of Employees


11 to 20

Core Team


Sridhar C

Managing Director



Chief Executive Officer