ForClassmates is a startup that is changing the maths and chemistry is being taught in schools by bringing in simpler explanations and gamification.

Basic Information

Prague-based ForClassmates is a company that has been changing how mathematics and chemistry are taught since 2015, employing a completely unique method and their own know-how. In 2015, they published their first mathematics textbook written in an entirely original way, using the students’ own language and step-by-step solutions. To date, they have published 47 textbooks and workbooks on mathematics and chemistry in Czech and Slovak for secondary schools. Since 2018, they have started working on online solutions for their printed textbooks. In 2020, they released a basic version containing preparation for entrance exams in mathematics and Czech. Furthermore, in contrast to printed textbooks, they use interactive videos and graphs with a basic version drawing on the principles of gamification and interactivity. See more

Legal Name


ForClassmates s.r.o.



Hradec Kralove, Kralovehradecky, Czech Republic

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Founding Date



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Core Team


Lukas Kral

Co-Founder and CEO


Marek Liska

Chief Visionary Officer


Radek Lekes

Co-Founder and CRO