The vertically Integrated Urban Farm-to-Table Fast Food Company for better food, and a better world.

Basic Information

Freshlings was born with a need to create value for the end customers who want access to more high quality, nutritious and fresh food by vertically integrating the farm-to-fork value chain. What makes them unique Freshlings is a food maker with a mission of making high-quality and nutritious food accessible to more people while elevating communities and making the world a healthier place. Founder details Preeta Suresh is the Founder and CEO of Freshlings, Reimagining Fresh, Fast & Functional Food of the Future! Preeta is a National Institute of Design Alumni with a Masters in Communication Design and a Visiting Faculty at NIFT for Retail & Merchandising. She has a keen interest in building Consumer Brands from the ground up, through design-led thinking & new product development. See more

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Neelberry Foods Pvt Ltd



Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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Sriram Gopal



Preeta Suresh



Rajesh Gurusami

Chief Operating Officer

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