The Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship (GAME) is a collective that unlocks mass entrepreneurship’s potential and acts as a convening body that brings alignment within the ecosystem and mobilises action to address systemic challenges. See more

Basic Information

Founded by Ravi Venkatesan, Madan Padaki and Mekin Maheshwari, GAME envisions a thriving environment for mass entrepreneurship in India resulting in large-scale job creation. The venture aims to galvanise the ecosystem for youth-led mass entrepreneurship at the local level, helping create 10M entrepreneurs, 50% women, who create 50M jobs by 2030. GAME has also received initial funding commitment of INR 100 crores over three years from several Indian and global donors. GAME has also partnered with Facebook to scale up rural entrepreneurship in the country. See more

Legal Name


Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship



Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Founding Date



No. of Employees


11 to 20

Core Team


Ravi Venkatesan



Madan Padaki



Mekin Maheshwari


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