Glific empowers NGOs to change millions of lives via easy two-way communication at scale.

Basic Information

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Glific is an open-source two-way communication platform, helps NGOs bridge the last mile gap digitally via smart phones. Glific is a WhatsApp based open-source communication platform for NGOs to have conversations with their community. It is being developed under Project Tech4Dev initiative of Chintu Gudiya Foundation, by 3 Tech4Dev partners in India working on the platform as core teams: ColoredCow, Web Access and Think201 along with a group of interns from UC Berkeley. Glific aims to empower social organisations to act decisively and quickly on grassroots information through a range of host of features ranging from automated responses to comprehensive analytics. Their first pilot was started with an NGO in Delhi in August. Along with that, an NGO advisory group comprising of 6 Indian NGOs actively using two-way communication comes together every month to direct the right path for Glific. Their Salient Features: Launch your chatbot in few simple steps - You can setup automated conversations for a large number of community members. Flows can be created to match the guidance contacts need; Measure impact, reach & behaviour change - You can track various metrics to understand the effectiveness of your programs; Give relevant access to team - You can onboard your staff and extended network user to the application with a controlled access level. You can assign a staff to conversations; Support regional languages - You can setup automated conversations and send manual messages in regional languages as preferred by your audience. See more

Legal Name


Chintu Gudiya Foundation



Gurgaon, Haryana, India

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Core Team


Donald Lobo


Aug | Product Launch
Within 3 months of building the product, we launched it for quicker awareness generation. We also had about 3 paying customers when we launched.
Nov | Started Generating Revenue
We were generating revenue from the early days but by 6th month we had quite a few early adopters signing up
Mar | Raised Funding
Raised a grant from Omidyar Network India.

Revenue Streams

Target Market


Glific is focused on the social sector with NGOs as the primary customers.

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Communication, Consumer, Services, Content

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Startup, Small Enterprise, Medium Enterprise, Large Enterprise