GoalTeller is a bootstrapped fintech startup with an aim to provide financial planning tools to individual investors.

Basic Information

Goalteller is a complete financial planning platform to manage investments, goals, taxes, insurance and more. GoalTeller operates in the B2C space and works on a mobile-first approach. The process on GoalTeller's platform begins with the user answering a set of questions, for instance, about oneself, one's family, investments, expenses, income, and specific goals. Based on the aforesaid variables, the platform allows the user to simulate various situations, especially if some goals seem hard to fulfil. GoalTeller also suggests potentially optimal solutions while considering various aspects such as taxes, cash flows, etc. See more

Legal Name


Finteller Advisors Private Limited



Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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Core Team


Vivek Banka



Abhisek Puglia

Founding Member


Varun Francis

Founding Team Member