Goospares is a new business which will use the web to bring the sellers and buyers of unused, slow moving and non-moving inventory (Inventory in the form of finished goods, idle plant and equipment, raw materials & work in progress and MRO spare parts) that are held as stock for long time by the business. See more

Basic Information

GooSpares provides a solution to the business having excess, unused, slow moving and non-moving inventory. The platform ensures that slow moving and non-moving inventory find an avenue to move. The global presence of GooSpares along with the subject matter expertise which it has got across multiple industrial verticals would ensure that it gives life to dead inventory. Some of the benefits of GooSpares are sellers realizing a fair value for the inventory, buyers procuring quality goods at competitive prices, value addition in scarce resources, and environmental protection. Products offered by the platform in the categories of Mechanical, Electrical, Instrument, Packing & Selling, Fittings, Hardware, Fasteners, Safety etc. See more



Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Founding Date



No. of Employees


41 to 60

Core Team


Udhya Ram

Co-Founder & Business Head