GovBlocks is a distributed decision making platform.

Basic Information

New Delhi based GovBlocks is an open, permission-less protocol for decentralized governance. They believe that for Blockchain networks to survive over a long enough time frame, they need to adapt to complex environment changes - the ones that cannot be foreseen in the initial design. Their mission is to empower such blockchain networks with community governed mechanisms of change. GovBlocks was incubated at Somish (, winners of the London Blockchain Week Hackathon 2017. Their Salient Features: Onboard your network, be it a new or existing decentralized app, consortia, mutual or any membership-driven community; Create member roles and adjust the degree of decentralization you wish to achieve to manage the network; Configure business processes and workflows. Adopt a boardroom style approval process or experiment with Futarchy; Map business processes as a series of incentivized decision points; Allocate reputational and financial incentives for members participating in decision making; Configure staking and incentives in all forms of approval processes - voting, bidding or hierarchy; Use the discussion forum for effective communication among members; Choose from a public or private implementation on the Ethereum Blockchain; Audit data trails and resolve conflicts / disputes by setting up configurable arbitration policies; POA Network and Hyperledger Fabric implementation coming soon. See more

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Somish Solutions Limited



New Delhi, Delhi, India

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Ish Goel

Co-Founder & CEO


Nitika Goel