Buy organic online rice cakes, organic raw seeds, and organic powder online from Grainic.

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GRAINIC has its roots in the germ of an idea! They know that the human population is growing at a frantic pace. Development has wings, and technology is taking us even higher. In all that chaos, many of us don’t consider issues like biodiversity conservation, sustainability and the health potential of most processed foods. Thus, realizing the need to have food choices which are organic, healthy, quick to make, clean labeled and most importantly sustainable to the ecosystem. They firmed up their belief and launched their brand ‘GRAINIC’ which gives you back those health secrets with their range of Superfoods. Organic rice cake, organic seed, and organic herbal powder are among the plant-based products they produce. They've made their product deliverable across the country. See more



Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India

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Priyanka Veerbhan



Meenakshi Singh


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