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Basic Information

Headquartered in Dover, Delaware, Hashnode is a free content creation platform that enables developers to create a full-fledged and optimized blog mapped to their custom domain for free. Using Hashnode gives users a huge advantage: Google and other search engines send traffic directly to the domain, and Hashnode community members discover the articles on their feed. Their Salient Features: Automatic GitHub Backup - Every time you publish an article on your blog, a markdown version of the post is pushed to your private GitHub repo as a backup; Write in Markdown - Write your content in a distraction-free Markdown editor with proper syntax highlighting and see live previews instantly. Embed images, code snippets, tweets, and much more; AMP Support - Enable Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) support for your blog with a single click; Edge Caching with SSL - They automatically cache your blog using their homegrown CDN and serve it over HTTPS. This results in low time to first byte (TTFB) and allows your blog to be extremely responsive and fast; Own your data - You retain all the rights to your content. Export and download all your posts from your dashboard with a single click; HTTPS by default - It doesn't matter if you are using their free subdomain or a custom one. They provide SSL certificates for free for all the blogs; Add your personality - Showcase your personality and give your blog a unique look to capture your audience’s attention. You can create a personalized theme from an infinite range of HEX colors, change your logo, and customize your blog even more if you want; Free in-built newsletter service - Enable a newsletter service with the click of a button and let your readers easily and quickly subscribe to your blog; Exclusive access to our discord server - Get exclusive access to a network of developers sharing knowledge on the internet. Share your drafts, get help, and receive feedback in real-time. See more

Legal Name


LinearBytes, Inc.



Dover, Delaware, United States of America

Founding Date



No. of Employees


21 to 40

Core Team


Syed Fazle Rahman

Co-Founder & CEO


Sandeep Panda

Co-Founder & CTO


Total Funding





Harshil Mathur


Girish Mathrubootham


Naval Ravikant

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