I Am Still Human is an NGO which is made up of the youth, aims at empowering the youth and redirecting their energies in ways which helps society as a whole.

Basic Information

Chandigarh-based I Am Still Human, commonly known as IASH is a youth-centric organization that was established on February 2015 with the vision of empowering the youth and redirecting their energies in ways, which shall help society to progress holistically. IASH began its journey with three flagship projects namely- Project Shaurya (Welfare of the Veterans, Martyr Families, and Indian Armed Forces), Project Siddhi (Welfare of Underprivileged People), and Project Kadam (Women Empowerment) with the sole objective of helping people. IASH now also works majorly in the domains of women empowerment, youth empowerment, food and health security, gender equality, poverty eradication, social equality, and human rights advocacy, among many other initiatives. See more

Legal Name


I Am Still Human



Chandigarh, Punjab, India

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Core Team


Vivek Mehra

Founder and Chairperson