Jarvislabs.ai is a one-click GPU Cloud platform for AI researchers and practitioners.

Basic Information

Jarvislabs.ai is a platform that builds enablers that aim at accelerating AI adoption. With JarvisCloud, thousands of researchers are able to focus on building intelligent models while the platform manages all the infra for them. The platform does all these in few clicks and at unseen prices. Companies have reduced their compute cost by 3 to 5 times by moving to JarvisCloud for their AI training. The Bangalore-based company caters to deep learning engineers who are tired of setting up things on the cloud. See more

Legal Name


Jarvis Labs AI Private Ltd.



Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Business Model




Founding Date



No. of Employees



Core Team


Vishnu Subramanian

Founder & CEO

Jan | Product Launch
Launched Jarvislabs.ai - a GPU cloud platform as a full-fledged product accessible globally. Became part of Fast.ai suggested cloud providers list. Adopted by 1000+ customers and startups globally.
Mar | Accelerator / Incubator Program
Became part of Nvidia Inception program aimed at supporting advanced AI startups.

Target Market


Anyone who is looking at an easy to use GPU cloud platform at affordable prices and a friendly customer service.

Client Segment


DeepTech, EdTech/Education, Machine Learning, Technology

Target Companies


Startup, Small Enterprise, Medium Enterprise, Large Enterprise

Target Geography


India, Global


Researchers / data scientists, who practice, learn and build AI solutions.

User Age


18 to 25, 26 to 34, 35 to 45, 46 to 60

User Income


Lower Income, Lower-middle Income, Upper-middle Income, High Income