JS Tigers is making JavaScript work from you.

Basic Information

Bengaluru, Karnataka based JS Tigers is a fast-moving team with passion for problem solving and deep expertise in JavaScript. They believe by focusing on a single technology (JavaScript) and dig deep and deliver greater value to their clients. They develop solutions for Web, Mobile and G Suite using JavaScript. Using JavaScript, they can create and run exciting solutions without the need to download or setup complicated environments. Although primarily developed to add interactivity to web pages, JavaScript is no longer limited to that. It is now a popular platform for developing – mobile applications, games, server applications, Internet of Things, AI and ML and many more. They have created automated workflows, user interfaces, chrome extension, server apps and other solutions using JavaScript. They have implemented solutions for their clients using frontend JavaScript frameworks like React and Angular and backend JavaScript platforms such as Node.js. They have also implemented end to end solutions for their clients on Google Workspace using JavaScript on Google Cloud, also known as Google Apps Script. See more

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JS Tigers

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Rakesh Pandey

Co-Founder & CEO


Neelima Srivastava


Jan | Company Incorporation
Got registered ourselves with Govt approved GST.

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A technology company or start up looking to change the world..

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Services, Software, Technology

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Startup, Small Enterprise, Medium Enterprise, Large Enterprise

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India, North America