Kashi Wellness Centre is a Varanasi-based holistic wellness brand.

Basic Information

Kashi Wellness Centre was founded in 2017. It is offering various non-invasive therapies rooted in Ayurvedic practices. This includes yoga, meditation, and singing bowl therapies, aimed at restoring the body’s harmony. It attracts customers from around the world to explore and learn about the various spiritual philosophies tied to Varanasi. In addition to the wellness centres, Kaashi Wellness is also an all-encompassing wellness D2C brand offering a range of premium clean skincare products, food and beverage products, and yoga-related accessories. It also offers consultation to develop wellness spaces and centres through B2B association. With food and beverage products priced below Rs 500 and other products under Rs 3,500, the brand’s suite of products especially targets millennial audiences, who are always on the move due to their jobs or personal adventures. See more



Mumbai, Maharashtra , India

Founding Date



No. of Employees


11 to 20

Core Team


Neha Ahuja