Kan biosys is a specialized agri-biotech company working in the field of plant nutrition and pest management.

Basic Information

With a vision to be pan India and then global, Kan biosys is committed to bring full plant potential to life by microbial inputs and precision agriculture. Their aim is to help farmers maximize yields and at the same time reduce toxic residues in food. This wasteful expenditure increases the costs of cultivation and pollutes environment, food and water. Bio-fertility solutions in the form of bio-fertilizers can supplement Nitrogen and Phosphorus. PGPR bacteria (Plant Growth Promoting) improve growth of plant substantially. Their product offerings broadly fall under nutrient management, pest and disease management, and soil health management. Efficient strains have been collected, tested and selected with award winning and patented formulation processes into hi-tech products. All products are registered for use as bio fertilizers at FCO [Fertilizer Control Order], as pesticides and plant growth regulators at CIB & RC [Central Insecticides Board and Registration Committee]. See more

Legal Name


Kan Biosys Pvt. Ltd.



Pune, Maharashtra, India

Founding Date



No. of Employees


101 to 150

Core Team


Sandeepa Kanitkar

Founder and CMD